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Stoner - John Edward Williams

This book definitely won't be everyone's cup of tea. In fact if you don't have a certain love of classics this book probably isn't for you. I've come to realize I have different expectations from the classics. I'm more forgiving. I don't read many contemporary novels. Had this been written/published today I probably would have abandoned it as being really very boring.

Not much outside everyday life occurs in this story. It centers on relationships. What effect our relationships with others have on who we are, how we see overselves. What effect do they have on decisions we make how how does that alter the lives we lead.

As I read I remained oddly disconnected from Stoner. Was this a flaw in the writing or was this perhaps brilliant in showing Stoner's personality. After all, as elusive as he was I did come to care about him. I don't know. I'm left a little confused. What I do know is I kept reading and I enjoyed the story.