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I'm in the process of looking for a new book community (need I say more?) so hopefully booklikes is it. For now I'm just figuring out the site.

For fans of Karen Armstrong

Removing the Habit of God: Sister Christine's Story 1959-1968 - Susan Pickford

This was an easy read, albeit abit slow at times. I felt the author wrote from a place of honesty and not like someone with a score to settle. This is not an expose' of convent life. Written with a clear understanding of choices she made the author takes responsibility for her life. I found the education she received of particular interest. So not an exciting read but thankfully it doesn't drag on. In fact it ended so abruptly I was ticked off I had read it all, but then past the acknowledgements at the very end there is an About the author which somewhat satisfied me. Kindle edition contains many photographs which helped me get a feel for the time period. I must say I enjoyed Karen Armstrong's "Through the Narrow Gate" much more.