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I'm in the process of looking for a new book community (need I say more?) so hopefully booklikes is it. For now I'm just figuring out the site.

Not quite non-fiction

Dead Woman Walking: was an innocent woman hanged? - Allan Peters

I really enjoyed this book once I got beyond my expectations of this being a serious non-fiction book. Not having read other reviews I went with the jacket description. I did feel the author was biased in coming to his conclusions by virtually overlooking the facts but this did not hinder my enjoyment as anyone reading can come to their own conclusions whatever they may be. Many people might not agree with mine as well. I felt he gave the whole story even when it would have better suited his belief to have glossed over alot of stuff. So kudos to the author for that. As for this book opening a new investigation and possibly clearing her name, I don't know if that was written as a selling point or if the author truly believes that but I can't see it. So taken for what it is, a fictionalized biography/true crime, definitely worth reading.